Bike running again


What a roller coaster this year has been. After the drama of the engine failure at Mac park in SA it took months to get replacement parts from Guzzi in Italy. Turns out the bike had two bent exhaust valves in the left cylinder. I have been beating myself up about the thing because I figured that I had over reved it after a missed gear. I rebuilt the motor last week and it started and ran beautifully for a couple of minutes then it started to tighten up. I shut it down real quick and went looking for the problem. Turns out the oil filter had wound itself off in the sump and the bike wasn’t getting enough oil. I rectified the issue and turned the bike over on the starter until I got oil pressure. It then started fine and seems to be running fine. I won’t race it until I run it on the dyno. Too risky after it got so tight. Is this bike a coffee table ornament, I’m starting to wonder. How many times has it let me down now. Surely enough is enough.

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