Getting to know Mac Park

My first experience of Mac Park at Mount Gambier got off to a shakey start when one of the BEARS guys stepped of his bike at 200+ after a tank slapper in the main straight. Thankfully he is bruised but not broken. It was a reminder that this track will bite you if your not careful. It is so narrow and winding that a moments loss of concentration means your off the track. Other features of the track include lots of trees, lots of bumps and dips. It also has an incredible surface offering almost limitless grip. The Guzzi just wheelstands everywhere. I can’t believe it’s so much fun. I am having a ball. I did 5 sessions today and have gotten to know the track pretty well. Qualifying tomorrow morning. We have 29 bikes on our grid. Here is a picture of the Guzzi waiting for some new rubber. It tore the rear tyre to shreads today. It literally delaminated.


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