Recovering at Home after bike crash at Phillip Island

Well is nearly 2 weeks since my accident at Phillip Island and I am at home recovering. My scans showed a spectacular multiple fracture of my shoulder blade (scapula). I also have lots of soft tissue damage around the shoulder the extent of which is yet to be determined. I am in a sling for at least the next 5 weeks when I will be reassessed by the orthopaedic surgeon.

That means that I am definitely out for round 3 of the Australian BEARS Nationals at Morgan Park (QLD) in early may. I am also Missing the first round of the NSW BEARS titles being held this weekend at Wakefield Park. The next BEARS event on the calendar is the second round of the NSW titles on the 31st of July. So I am aiming to be right for that.

In the mean time we are doing some work on the bike. We have identified some areas that could use some extra crash protection. I have a mate with a CNC machine in his shed. He is making some new cylinder head protectors for me that will be an improvement on the ones we bought from the USA. We are also remaking some foot pegs, bar ends and we have designed a rub strip for a section of rear fairing behind the seat. We are just about to instal a power commander ECU to try and get rid of the dead spots in the power curve. A power shift is also going on to improve gear change speed which is a big issue on this bike. John price has made me some sleeve’s to make the rear shock preload much easier to adjust at the track. We are also doing a bit of cosmetic stuff.

I hope 5 weeks goes real quick but I think it might drag.

regards from GuzziManMike

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