Success at Mac Park South Australia

This Easter break we made the 1400km pilgrimage to Mac Park at Mount Gambier in South Australia. Mac Park is a club owned road race circuit set amongst beautiful bushland near the timber town of Mount Gambier. It is an amazing place to ride because the track has never been ruined by cars. The track was designed specifically for motor cycles and the corners are cambered beautifully to provide an unbelievable amount of grip. I have raced there a couple of Times before and loved it. This meeting was the first round of the Bears National Championship. I entered the Daytona in Formula 4 ( historic ). The weekend was a great success. Other than a few oil leak issues the Guzzi performed beautifully and finished the weekend 2nd in class and 6th in the field. The bike was well down on power but as usual keeping a high corner speed helped to keep it in the hunt. After an oil seal failure in the rear diff I installed the low ratio diff that I built a few years back. Unfortunately it was a little to low for the track and I was a bit slower with it installed. I still haven’t found a track where it is an advantage. I need to do a bit of suspension work before round 2 at Morgan Park Queensland in 4 weeks time. It is so nice to be back on the Daytona. I like riding it so much more than the MGS01




the big rig, on the way to south australia
the beautiful mac park race circuit


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