The Moto Guzzi RaceCo

The Moto Guzzi RaceCo Daytona 1288 is back together again after some engine surgery. Turns out the engine fault at the Aussie Historic titles was a rear main oil seal. We have never heard of this type of failure before. This wonderful motorcycle has raced hard all season and is going to get a rest next year while we develop the new RaceCo 1225. It’s going to be hard to leave it in the shed as I think this engine is much better than the 1225. We have just  refitted the original full race fairing. We have not run the bike with this fairing before. It would be a big improvement at Phillip island. I think the fairing is very rare. I met a guy in Western Australia who has the identical fairing on his Daytona. He sent me a magazine article from the US about a Daytona that also had this fairing fitted. So there is at least 3. If anybody out there knows anything about where it came from please let us know.

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