To the Dyno we go

Today we took the MGS01 to the shop for a run on the Dyno. I thought it might be interesting to see what the power and torque readings are in the real world. I was also looking for a bit of a hole in the mid range that I suspect is fuel related. We actually found two holes that need some attention. I think the addition of a Power Commander unit may help to iron out the problems. We will get started on that as soon as we get back from our next race meeting.

The Dyno results were a bit wacky in my opinion. Both runs recorded horsepower readings of 153 Bhp. I don’t see how this can be correct. I think its more like 130Bhp. I guess it doesn’t really matter what it is. It is just a good point of comparison for when we install the Power Commander unit. Here is a link to the Dyno chart where you can clearly see the two holes that I am referring to.

Click here to see the Dyno Chart

regards from GuzziManMike

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