Bizzare  accident at Barry Sheene Festival 2015

I built a Guzzi for Period 7 Post classic and entered the Barry Sheene Festival this year. In race 2, I was T-boned by another rider in turn 2. Evidently the Guzzi wasn’t happy with him and ate his right foot. It went in through the back wheel and rotated around through the swingarm. In the attached photo you can clearly see his toes poking out under the swingarm. It took us over an hour to get him out. I had to go to the pits for tools and then remove the rear wheel and diff with his foot attached. After removing the disc from the wheel his foot was finally free. He went to hospital and received 3 stitches. He was hobbling around the pits the next morning. Pretty much the most bizarre accident I’ve seen at the track.


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