Broadford Races a good first outing

My first race meeting in 14 years was a great success with a 3rd in class and a top ten finish for the 4 race round. I had never raced at the track before and after some early jitters I started to learn the track in Friday practice and get a bit more comfortable. Saturday arrived and so did qualifying. I intentionally qualified slow so that I was further back in the grid. I hadn’t done any race starts on this bike and was a little nervous about getting it off the line. As it turns out, for good reason. The first race was a shocker. After a terrible start and lots of chaos, a crash brought out the rad flag. Restart was just a s bad with everyone nervous and rusty after a few months off the bikes. There were crashes everywhere. I made a school boy error and watched a guy crash in front of me and then followed him off the track. After bush bashing my way back onto the track in 3rd last place it took me the rest of the race to fight my way back to 16th outright. Race 2 was no better for me as I was tired and nervous. Just managed to hold my ground. Not as many people crashed this race which was nice. race 3 after a good nights sleep and a nice warmup session was fun. First time that I though maybe this racing is as good as I remembered. I finished a little further up the grid. Race 4 was great. I started to get a bit more comfortable in traffic and my times were a lot better. I had finished the weekend with myself and my bike intact. I got a very unexpected 3rd in class trophy for my trouble. I love the track at Broadford and the Preston motorcycle club who put on the weekend were lovely. I will be back next year for sure



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