A day at “The Farm” ends in the disaster

Yesterday I went to “The Farm” which is a private track north of Sydney. The track is 5.2 Kms long and has 25 corners. It was built buy a guy who just wanted to drive his Ferrari as fast as he liked. It is rumoured that the track cost $5 million to build. It is probably the nicest bit of road that I have ever ridden on. You could ride the track for the rest of your life and not get bored. Unfortunately my day to a wrong turn when the Guzzi had a major drive train failure. I think I was lucky to stay on as the rear of the bike destroyed itself while flat out in 3rd. luckily I took the HP2 with me in case I had more engine problems, so I parked the Guzzi and enjoyed the rest of the day on the BMW. If you ever have the oportunity I would encourage you to ride this track.

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  1. G’day Mike,

    I have a nice photo of your bike from Wakefield. I was in the garages abouit 3 bikes along on the GSX-R, which I stacked due to brake failure on session 3. I can’t work ouit how to attach it to this but if you send me an e-mail adress I’ll send it on. I have had 3 Guzzis, henxe my interest.

    Regards, Bob

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