Disaster strikes the RaceCo

Disaster strikes the RaceCo Guzzi. Half way through qualifying the fuel line petcock flange snapped off the fuel tank and dumped the tank of fuel into the belly pan. We use the bolt on flanges from a Centauro fuel tank. We run two 10mm petcocks from the Daytona. They need to be that big to feed enough fuel to the 48mm mikuni carbs. Looked like weekend over until another competitor rang his nephew in the next town and got him out of bed( night shift worker). he is a welder and got us going again. We will miss the 2nd qualifying but comfortable on 2nd row of the grid in 6th position so hopefully I’ll stay there. The grids are not progressive so qualifying is important. Long way to drive for no racing. The locals at collie are great and so the club running the event

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