Guzzi drive train failure



It turns out that the failure of the control arm that supports the rear diff was caused by the shearing of a 14mm bolt that holds the control arm onto the frame. The bolt failed because a support bush had been left off when the bike was assembled at the factory. When the bolt failed the control arm moved outwards and forward, nocking my foot off the beg. The the diff collapsed forward letting the drive shaft hit the swing arm. As soon as it happened I grabbed the clutch and pulled to the side of the track. I didn’t brake as I was unsure what had happened. I just coasted to a stop, all the time the drive shaft was destroying itself and the swing arm. I have included some photos of the damage.


As there is no such thing as spare parts for an MGS01 I was faced with a real dilemma . I called my dad, who is a great backyard engineer. He reckoned he could fix it & 2 days later and the bike was back together. I have run it on the rollers and it all seems fine. I guess I won’t really know until we get to the track.

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