Guzzi takes 3rd at round 2 of the BEARS Nationals

Yes you heard it here first. The guzzi picked up a 3rd place in formula 3 and a top ten outright finish in Round 2 of the BEARS Nationals at Mac Park South Australia today.

We are on the road travelling to phillip island for a practice day on Tuesday so I will get you a full report asap.

GuzziManmike from iPhone



  1. Good work. Saw the video!! Very impressive. Good luck with the racing.

    Regards, Andrew Gray.

    • Hi Mike , Really enjoyed your web site , Guzzi very cool .I used to own a Daytona 1000 but like a fool , let her go.Do you know who owned the MGS1 that is up for sale in the USA from New Zealand , the race nubmer is 4C ?? It came over ,and is up for sale again .Also do you still race ??Best Regards , Gareth. Brit living in USA

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