Life in the Bears

Life in the Bears pits in Darwin. Escaping the Northern Territory heat. The races are 10 laps but it feels like 100. Still managing 3rd in class with 1 round to go. Had a fright today when in the mid afternoon race I arrived at the end of the 1.25km main straight at 250kph only to have my brake lever come right to the bar. Some frantic pumping got enough lever to negotiate the 2nd gear turn 1. I pumped the leaver up for the last 5 laps to keep pushing the fluid back in and finished in fifth place. We have replaced the fluid now so hopefully all will be well for the last race. It’s not the first time this has happened to me. I’m running 90’s period narrow track 6 spot brakes. They appear to be a little susceptible to overheating.

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