MAC Park Race 1 & 2 – OK for a tractor on a goat track?

Rose amongst the thorns
First two races of the weekend went by without a hitch. Managed 4th in Class and 9th outright for the first race. Just too nervous to do any better. Actually circulated a second slower than my qualifying time. I think I am so scared of decking the bike that I just tighten up. Race two not much better with a 4th in Class and 10th overall. I did pull my head out of my arse in the last 2 laps when Peter Smith pulled off a really cheeky outside pass on me. That got the red mist pumping and I had a dig. Got him back under brakes at the end of the main straight and then picked up the Triumph that had been holding me up all race. If it goes like Broadford I should be a lot more relaxed for the 2 Sunday races. I would like to finish back in the medals again however the 3 guys in front of me have been racing here for years and are probably a bit out of reach for me this year. I will have a crack though.
Fitness is still letting me down and like Broadford I was slower in the racing than I was the day before in practice. Hopefully a good nights sleep will fix that and I will be quick again on Sunday.

The track is Brilliant!!



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