MGS01 finally back at the track

Well we finally made it back to the track last week for the first ride since the accident last year. After I got over the fear of losing the front end at every turn I had a great day. The Bike was great. It was the first time that I had ridden it with the power commander. There was definitely better mid range response. The quickshift was fantastic. Its a bit disconcerting making gear changes with no clutch and the throttle wide open. Seems very un-guzzi like. The gearbox handled it well, with only a few missed gears throughout the day. I am just about to head overseas for a bicycle tour in the USA. When I get back ( mid June ) I we will start racing again. Unfortunately we will miss the first three rounds of the national bears, but at least we will get to do Eastern Creek and Phillip Island. Those 2 tracks are fast and open, and suit the Guzzi best. Thanks for your interest in the MGS01. I feel very privileged to own and ride the bike, and I think its only fitting to share it with others.

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  1. Gareth

    Hi Mike , Really enjoyed your web site , Guzzi very cool .
    I used to own a Daytona 1000 but like a fool , let her go.
    Do you know who owned the MGS1 that is up for sale in the USA from New Zealand , the race number is 4C ?? It came over ,and is up for sale again .
    Also do you still race ??
    Best Regards , Gareth. Brit living in USA

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