Race start practice

You may have noticed from the race footage that my starts were very ordinary. In a sprint race the start is everything. In the past I have always considdered myself a pretty good starter. The secret is practice, practice, practice. That’s been my problem with the MGS01 , no practice. Most race tracks these days won’t let you practice starts.

Today I remedied the situation. I found a quiet country road near my home town. I taped over my race numbers, put on regular riding gear and did some practice. The MGS01 is not all that easy to get off the mark. It’s tall gearing makes first gear a challenge. Then once your rolling it wants to turn circles. Anyway practice makes perfect. I got in about 20 starts before I thought I should get the hell out of dodge before someone called the cops. All went well and I am now confident I can get it off the line much better than I did in broadford.

Another piece in the puzzle.

Regards MotoGuzziMike from my iPhone

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